Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Download Sahih Bukhari Sharif in Software product form

In a previous post i provided Saha-e-Sitta Hadith books with Urdu translation in pdf format. The response was unexpectedly great for me as many people submitted their thanks via comments and emails. Said post got highest visits on my blog. It strengthened my view about sharing whatever i like for my self.
A couple of days back i came across another very useful product based on Sahih Bukhari Sharif developed by some very motivational people. I installed the rich featured software product and find following major aspects
  • Sahih Bukhari Sharif is provided as software product
  • All volumes are provided in single soft ware product form
  • Index of each volume is provided 
  • Search facility is provided for both Urdu and Arabic
  • Link to development team are provided for contact
  • Help related to fonts and other issues is also provided
Indeed it is a valuable effort from development team and may Allah accept it. Do not forget to contribute your any skills for on going projects of development team. You may contact them through links provided in this software book. By clicking on following image  you can download the Sahih Bukhari Shareef in software product form. Size of .rar compressed file is about 62 MB.

Download Sahih Bukhari Software
Download Sahih Bukhari Software

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  1. salam

    thanks for the quotes sharif of beloved Nabi Sallahu alyhi wasallam

  2. IT;s a great effort Mashallah, May Allah bless you.

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  5. Nyc Post, I like ur post, thanks for sharing this..
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