Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to remove caller tunes from Jaz, Zong, Telener, UFone or Warid numbers

Cell phones are commonly used in Pakistan by all age groups. Most of people are very well versed by new and changed packages and facilities provided by their service providers. Telecom service providers have introduced a functionality known as caller tunes. People set these so that all of their callers may hear the music or Naat while waiting the call to be attended.
I have noticed that some people complain that caller tune is activated automatically and how to remove it now?
So here is how to remove caller tunes
  • For Zong           SMS UNR to 230
  • For Telenor        SMS OFF to 230
  • For Jazz             SMS UNSUB to 230
  • For UFone         SMS UNSUB to 666
  • For Warid           SMS RBT OFF to 7171

Note: I have not personaly verified the above procedures. If any thing requires correction then please mention it.


  1. thank you for this post.....i was dialling to ufone customer support team from last two days but no success...Thanks for help

  2. I have tried for warid, it is invalid text.

  3. thanks a lot dear. very good work. i was searching for it but no one explained it in so simple way that u did.
    so nice of u.

  4. for warid you have to write RBT OFF and send to 7171

  5. i cant remove the smart tune from telenor unsub send to 230 is not valid what should i do

  6. message "off" to 230 in telenor

  7. hello
    how are you
    mere number par 3 caller tune lagi howi hai main aik romve karna cahata houn please mujhe is k bare main information de do warid ki aliarshad302@gmail.com mujhe email kar do thanks

  8. Dear Zong, Your blogs are truly awesome I have no words to praise for your blogs.


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